8 November 2012

Infinite I

She walks down through the stair where it is hold high up on the cloud. Step by step she takes to walk away back on the green symphony of Earth. She knows nobody would care for her, including them. It is the time for her to fly away across the sky, finding a place for her soul - alone. She steps on the grass, feeling euphoric, listening to the rhythm of the mother earth. Her body and soul walk together, infiltrate through those tall and green trees along the path straight to the river where the colorful lavenders and tulips live there.

She hold up her head and let the wheeze soft wind touch her rose cheek, moving her blonde hair to the back. There is it, finally she see it with her own hazel eyes. A pair of orange yellowish birds fly across her face. She has been dreaming to see those birds since she was a baby, a bless round-eyed baby. She smiled and continue her walk to finds something that has been missing in herself. She miss it, she miss him, she miss them a lot. The whole universe seems spinning around when she breathes in so deep. 

She knows the world is lying to her. She starts to run, run and run as fast as her tiny legs can take her. Her adrenaline reach at the up most of her heart. At last, she reach there. The colorful flowers she loved most were swifting around, being pushed by the cold breezy air. She lay down her body onto the field fill with fresh grass and the morning dew. Her eyes asked her to close it and all she could see only the dark side.

She could hear the ladybugs whispering to each other, talking about their nature life. The bees fly to their hives, filling up it with the sweetest honey from the red rose at the hillside. She knows she loves him, she needs him, she wants him, but everything was too late. It was too late, until she breathed her last, forever. Her soul might be up high away at the outer space, but her love will still last for him, only him, always him.

I was inspired by the polar bear, rainbow and ice cream :)

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