2 February 2013

DIY for February ;)

Hello peeps, happy February ! For this February month, there must be a lot of your friends' birthday right? Seems like maybe some of us are little busy with their schools, home works, university's activities and a bunch of assignments and since in February also there will be a lot of sales in shopping complex for CNY, you might don't have enough money to buy paper wrapping to wrap your friend's birthday present.

Oke, it might sound not logic but maybe some of us will have not time and money to buy it. I have an idea to share with all of you on how you can wrap that present without incurred any cost :)

You can wrap it with old newspaper !

You might do like this to make it look more interesting, jyeahhh :3

Chick way ;
 Tie the present with a plain ribbon

Kid's gift ;
Decorate it with colourful paper

You also can put the origami bow ties on top of the gift that I have post its tutorial in my last entry - click me ! Hope this DIY will give you some ideas. We don't have to spend money on everything as long as we try to be creative. Smileeeee and happy gift giving :)