2 May 2017


Random post,about you.

For me,I think the hardest part when I went out with him is when the time has come that I need to go back to reality. Reality means my normal life (going to class,etc). Whenever I went out with him,it always feel like being in fantasy. I still remember that time,it is our first meeting after my emak past away. That time I was still in emotional state cause I miss my emak so freaking much. Ofcourse, meeting him make me feel okay and much better. He knows how to comfort me with his jokes (yang kadang2 aku rasa macam apa2 je lawak dia hehe). That night,when it comes to the time that we have to go back to our reality,me to shah alam and him to gombak,this is the hardest part I ever felt. During that time,I feel like he is going to leave me.. forever.. like my emak.  I even cry.

My heart says,
Please don't leave me.

That painful feeling was really deep but he does comfort me. We come back to face our reality. I owe him a lot with his time listening to my stories,my cry,my feelings,my emotions. My dear, if you are reading this,this post is for you. It comes randomly when I remember that day,the day I cry in front of you because I do not want any goodbye anymore after emak.. I pray and believe there will be no goodbye between us. Thank you so much encik jan ♡

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